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I dont know if its just where I live, or if its everywhere. But there is a lot of road kill everywhere I look. Like 8 years ago, there was not this much dead animals laying in the streets. I have a really bad feeling that the worlds coming to an end sooner than we think. I mean, there running from the forests for a reason, it's either that of they have no more forest, but I live in a pretty forest-ery area.

Hmm... I just give chills down my back....

A Very Sad Taang Story

I just found the saddest taang story that I have ever read. It's called Manifest Destiny  by marvel26, and i'll just say he out did his self. My favorite part is chapters are 3 and 4. I wont tell you what it's about you just have to read it.



I was watching Lifetime and they were showing this movie called "Not like Everyone else"  and it was about this girl in High school who was  gothic and strange and  so the kids started saying she was a witch and worshiped the devil. So naturally the school kicked suspended her twice or something. Anyways they had no right to go that, just because she was different. Everyone is different you shouldn't attack them because of it. I remember one time in 4th grade I was accused of being a with just because I would read book on mythology, monsters, and wicca. So I was a witch, so stupid.

It just makes me so mad when people treat others so badly just because they're different or have different points of views.

Doctor Who; Sarah Jane Adventures.

I know I'm behind in the times, but I just discovered Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures.  I have to say that these shows are really good, I ever really like Sci-Fi before but these one are actually quite entertaining. So that's it I just want to share my new found love with the world.

The End of the world

Just saw this flash animation. I dont know if like everyone seen it already. It's still awesome. Theres swearing though just to warn ya.
the link is below!!!

The End of the World


doing nothing just hanging out with my friends at the library. 

New community

Hey, I started a new community it about Beast boy and Raven. Even though I talk about Avatar now a days, I still have major love for the green and purple. So anyways I need someone to help be my associate and help me with the community so it can be the best community it can be. lol So anyone up for the job, you dont really need to know anything just, good and the customizing stuff, love BB and Rae or just Teen Titans generally, and dont be a quitter.
I wrote this oneshot for the Avatar Exchange thing I did for Christmas, so I decided to post it here. Enjoy.

*Beware* Ancient Greek History Rant

I dont get it, the schools tell you to be different to be an individual and speak our minds. But the minute you do they send you to the Principal office!! Make up your mind already. I mean all I did was correct the teacher and now it's like I burned down the mascot. The on thing I know i will always be great at and will be able to destroy anyone in is trivia focused an ancient Europe history mostly Greek. But noooo..... the teacher is never wrong, I mean he got the the whole Hercules thing mixed up he said that Hera was Hercules' mother, she was not!! I correct him and I get detention and sent to the office. What's up with that. Then they tell me that Ancient History class wont count as a history credit, because it's not "American" history. WHAT!! No one cares about American history, we learned about it ever since 2nd grade. I think we know enough.